Our Mission

Facilitate collaboration for the greater good!


Viral Typhoon Corp is a collaboration catalyst that harnesses the power of the internet for collaborative hybrid events through our Virtual Box Office platform, VBO. VBO helps communities educate, entertain, and inspire their members through engaging content while also creating cash-flow for local businesses, the community, nonprofits, and the people they collectively serve. VBO.events provides the ability for collaborators to host or sponsor our collaborative hybrid events while VBO.tv creates the ability for audiences to easily participate in our live interactive hybrid events using a smart phone or tablet while watching the program on their TV through our Roku channel or online.

We are a collaboration catalyst!

  • Viral: adjective - becoming very popular by circulating quickly from person to person, especially through the internet
  • Typhoon: noun - from Chinese tai fung great wind, from tai great + fung wind; influenced by Greek tuphōn whirlwind
  • Viral Typhoon: We produce events that are designed to spread like a virus and grow with the force of a typhoon